Friday, 4 May 2012

Music Lesson Pricing Choices

As the owner of the music school, it can be frustrating when a phone call comes in and the bottom line is price.  Obviously you want to be able to compete and give the best possible price but you also have to balance this with a fair price for a fair service!

Music teaching quality and music schools can seriously vary.  When looking at the price of music tuition in your area, ask yourself.  Is the teacher qualified?  Is the teacher experienced?  Does the teacher travel to you?  What extras does the teacher offer that another may not?  How will the teacher and music school support you as your learning develops?  

It may well be that an extra few £s per week gives you much better value than the cheapest option.  Always ask questions about the actual tuition on offer!  My music school for instance provides tuition in the home of the student, a student area of our website with excellent remote resources and our own music books.  We also provide all our students with a reward scheme with a 'Pupil of the Month' and a 'Pupil of the Year'.  A huge amount of time is invested to make sure that the overall lesson and learning experience is the best that it can be.  

We are not the cheapest but believe that we offer an 'all round 'experience' for our students.  Comparing our prices currently we charge £14.50 per half hour for tuition in the home of the student.  A similar local business charges £16 for home visits.  The main local music schools with a physical building charge £12.50.  This is certainly cheaper but requires a drive each week, time waiting around and of course petrol costs.  Which is actually better for value?  There are of course the teachers who will charge £8-£10 for half an hour.  Question is, are they backed up with a manager?  Are they qualified?  Have they experience?

As is said often - 'you get what you pay for!'

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