Sunday, 24 June 2012

Keyboard or Piano?

Keyboard or Piano?  The important thing to remember here is that they are two completely different instruments.  Most people who have a limited knowledge of music can think they are the same but the approach to learning is different.

The piano is an instrument with weighted keys.  Weighted meaning that they are harder for the player to physically press down.  The keyboard does not tend to have weighted keys and is much lighter to the touch.

The piano (unless bought as a Clavinova style Electronic Piano) is simple with no buttons to press and just a piano sound.  The keyboard however is all about the technology, the buttons, the sounds and the flexibility to sound like a complete band.  Part of the learning process with a keyboard is often learning how to get around the instrument you are playing in terms of the technology more than anything else.

The piano is played with a treble and a bass clef (right and left hand).  They often have two completely moving parts.  The keyboard has a treble clef (right hand) part and chords on the left hand.  Chords are 3 or 4 notes played together at the same time.  These are often played to control the rhythm or style part of the keyboard (the music or beat).  The chords may seem easier to play than the bass clef on the piano - but there is a degree of learning the chords off by heart here.  This is not needed when the full bass clef score is in front of you for the piano.

An acoustic piano will need tuning.  A keyboard does not need tuning.  If you buy an electronic piano then this will also not need tuning.

A piano usually involves pedal work, especially with the right hand sustain pedal.  On the keyboard this is not often used and many people don't even tend to own a pedal.

Which you decide to play often comes down to whether you love the romance of playing a piano with it's raw sound or whether you like the idea of sounding like a full band.  Your Primavolta Mobile Music teacher can help you with this decision and explain in more detail at or you can email us directly at  We will be able to support you in which you would like to play and also help with purchase decisions.  It is always wise to speak to your teacher or potential teacher before buying so you know what will be best for you now and in the medium term.