Monday, 14 May 2012

How Long Does it take To Read Music?

Music is a language.  Like learning any language, the process can take a long time and seem almost impossible at first.  To truly learn and understand the language so that it is second nature to you have to throw yourself in to it and embrace it.

There are no short cuts!  You can make it fun, but the fact is it will take you time to learn and it will be slow and painful at first.  The music teachers at use different methods to get you to read.  We often start by using simple games such as music snap to help you read slowly but gradually increase the speed.  This element of 'fun' and playing a game helps in the early stages.  It is also why we have spent time researching software on platforms such as the iPad.  This gives the variety to allow you to engage in this throughout the week.

Ultimately, learning to read music comes down to playing as much as you can.  Do not be tempted to write the notes on or try to learn by numbers.  Go for it.  Figure out each note using rhymes or other methods outlined by your teacher.  It will be slow.  It will take time.  In many cases it can take 18 months - 2 years to start to get any speed in your reading.  Once you have the skill though, your playing will really benefit and you will be able to truly master your chosen instrument.

Remember - there are NO shortcuts.  Be patient and embrace your new language by using it as often as you can!  For more support in learning to read music, feel free to speak to our music teachers via

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