Saturday, 11 April 2015

Rewarding Students

We have had a bit of a change at Primavolta over the last few months.  We are always looking for the best way to encourage students over the long musical journey that they often take.

As such we have now launched a lovely new playing diary for all students.  The playing diary is for a full years worth of lessons and has been bespoke designed by our team.  Students have also had a big say in how the diary has turned out.

What is included?  Well, we have added plenty of room for the teachers to write homework in each week as well as a space for general comments from the student, parent or teacher on how things went.  There are a number of pages that highlight basic music theory including how to read music that can be used as a reference guide.  There are also lovely tips and hints from a former student who took tuition with a music teacher all the way to Grade 8.  He explains how he did this when the chips were down so to speak (which is very normal at times).

To go along with our new playing diary we have also introduced a new pupil of the month scheme as well as a relaunch of our pupil of the year scheme.  We wanted to improve the reward on offer for students that put the regular effort in to they music lesson.  What can a student now win?  See the beautiful print below!