Sunday, 24 February 2013

Primavolta 2013

Well, the spring is on it's way at last and we have all had to battle through some nasty winter weather this year at Primavolta.  On the whole we have managed to keep tuition going, even through the worst of the snow.  If you have had lessons changed or cancelled due to the snow, we apologise!  Hopefully we are now over the worst of the winter weather.

Looking on into the rest of 2013 we are planning on launching our mobile music tuition across more areas of the UK.  So far this year we have already seen launches in Hampshire, with a focus on the Winchester area to start with.  We have also launched in North Wales from Wrexham in the east to the beautiful Llandudno in the west.  We have also launched music tuition into the East Lancashire area.

During the rest of this year we are looking to expand into the Midlands region and further into the home counties surrounding London.  Our expansion of Primavolta into the UK's first genuine mobile music school will continue over the coming years while maintaining local knowledge of teachers to provide students with the best possible tuition at home.

We hope you enjoy your music lessons with us and the convenience of having these music lessons at home.  We are continually working hard to provide the best teachers to be able to provide this service to you, to make taking music lessons as convenient and as easy as possible for you.

For further information on the instruments and the areas that we cover, please visit